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Bottony Cross Chapter was chartered in 1956 to a group of Daughters in Kensington, Maryland. We have celebrated our 55th year of service to our community and our country.

NSDAR refers to us as "Today's DAR". This distinguishes us from your mother's D.A.R. and your grandmother's D. A. R. More, it refers to our less formal meetings and outlook. This is the 21st century!

The chapter is named for the Croix Botonee which is a prominent part of the Maryland State Flag and comes from the quartered arms of the Calvert and Crossland families. The first Lord Baltimore was a son of Leonard Calvert and married Alicia (Crossland). The Croix is shown below in the Red and White of the Crosslands.


The phrase comes from the manner in which the terminals of the arms of a cross are in a bud or trefoil shape. Interestingly, by state law, this Cross is the only finial allowed atop a flag staff bearing the Maryland State Flag. (Article 60A, Chapter 862, Acts of 1945, Annotated Code of Maryland)

In our 55+ years, we have been honored in having been able to supply the National Society DAR with an Honorary Vice President General, a Curator General, and numerous National Chairs. Additionally, our members have served the Maryland State Society in the capacities of State Regent, State Vice Regent, State Librarian, and State chairs.

Other Important Events of 1956


Meetings and Activities

Bottony Cross accommodates retired women and full-time mothers with school-age children by continuing a tradition of mid-week luncheon meetings. Contact the VIS Chair for additional details and for an invitation to a meeting.


Parent Societies

Please drop by our National Society, DAR, home page.

Visit the Maryland State Society, DAR


Frequently Asked Questions


Why would I want to join?


Speaking of Children

Any child, male or female, under the age of 22, whose parent is eligible for membership in DAR or SAR is eligible to join C.A.R.. C.A.R. provides these boys and girls the opportunity for leadership in a safe environment and frequently opens other opportunities to them. The eligible parent need NOT belong for the C.A.R. to be open to the child. Visit the N.S.C.A.R. website. Bottony Cross members have served as Senior (adult) leadership for the Ark and Dove Society, Children of the American Revolution (Ark and Dove is sponsored by the Erasmus Perry Chapter).
When male C.A.R. members reach 18, they may transfer into the Sons of the American Revolution. Check it out at their website.

Have We Convinced You?

Then please contact our VIS Chairman so you may begin the paperwork.

Meet Our Patriots


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